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VLASTA Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use VLASTA as a citizen of Sharon?

First, registration is required for the security of this application.  To register, read the "Get Involved" section and then click on "Register as a User of VLASTA."  

Next, provide your name, full address, and email address and click submit.  Information will be sent to your e-mail for the next steps and making a difference in Sharon using VLASTA!

How do I change the condition (color) of a property? 

In order to change the condition of a property on our interactive map, users need to be registered.  Once registered, then users are able to submit a condition change and wait for review before it is updated on the map

If I don't have internet access, how do I use VLASTA in Sharon? 

Users are able to gain internet access at the Community Library of the Shenango Valley or may directly contact us by phone (coming soon)!

About Us


Tiger Techs Robotics Teams

The Tiger Techs Robotics Team, Team Black,  is a FIRST Lego League Team from Sharon, Pennsylvania.  The team is comprised of students in 5th  to 9th grades. During their 2019-2020 season, the Techs tackled a problem in their hometown.  After speaking with several city officials, the Techs determined that there was a problem associated with abandoned properties and vacant lots- unkept grass. With the help of a software engineer, the Techs developed VLASTA, a web application that tracks grass for vacant lots and abandoned properties in the City of Sharon. 


Solution Impact

After surveying 500 properties in a target neighborhood of Sharon, the Techs identified a property that had not been taken care of for over 6 months.  With grass over 5 feet tall, the Techs adopted to care for this property filling over 20 ten gallon  garbage bags .  Over 20  individuals helping to tackle this property in just two  hours  turned it into an appealing spot! 


Sharon City Council Presentation

On December 4, 2019, the Sharon Tiger Techs, Team Black, presented their innovative solution to Sharon City Council.  The team hopes to work with city officials in the near future on developing this product further. The Techs would like to thank city officials including:

Melissa Phillips, Community and Economic Director,

Dave Tomko Sr, Code Enforcement Director

Geno Rossi, Code Enforcement Officer

Brian Kepple/Bill Dodd, Sharon Revitalization Committee

A special thanks to John Ackley, software engineer, who the Techs worked alongside to develop this product. 

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